The IUSN Foundation, based in Massachusetts, is a mission-driven nonprofit organization and recognized leader in Internet governance. IUSN leverages its longstanding Internet industry leadership, pioneering technological expertise and innovative delivery of charitable services to help emerging nations enter the global internet community.

Founded in 1997 and led by American Internet pioneer Bill Semich, IUSN is an internationally respected charitable organization that relies on the marketing partnership with Internetstiftelsen, IIS, which is the operator of the .NU domain name, to generate the funds needed to carry out its charitable mission on Niue. IUSN is able to fund Internet service for Niue – the first country in the world that was covered with WiFi – through revenues generated from the sale of .NU domain names in Scandinavia (where nu means “now”).

IUSN, in fact, derives its operating income entirely from the sale of .NU domain names by IIS, which pays a portion of this revenue to the foundation. IUSN, in turn, uses the money from IIS to fund Internet access for islanders through Internet Niue.